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Bulk Order Discount

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BOOK4US Bulk Order Service is a platform for customers who place large orders. We provide you special discounts, suggested booklists and online quotation, representatives to follow up on your order, as well as arranging delivery to your shipping address. You can enjoy an easy and efficient purchase experience.

BOOK4US gladly provides schools, libraries, government or corporates the Bulk Order Service, which help you get what you need efficiently.

If you have any inquiries, please email us at or fax to 852-2407-3062.

If you could not find the products you need at our website, we can offer a special ordering service for you. We reserve all right of price adjustment, delivery time and/or whether accept the purchase order. For more information, please feel free to contact us. 

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  • BOOK4US團體採購精選書目:漢語學習(普通話)

  • BOOK4US團體採購精選書目:書法學習

  • BOOK4US團體採購精選書目:國畫學習

  • BOOK4US團體採購精選書目:兒童學習