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  • Our Mission

    With the increasing popularity of online shopping, we offer our customers a one-stop e-commerce platform to purchase high-quality Chinese books and cultural products. We care about the needs of readers. Therefore, we strive to bring readers high-quality Chinese readings and introduce Chinese culture to those who are interested in it. 

  • Our Products and Services

    BOOK4US offers a diverse range of products such as children books, fictions and non-fictions in order to meet the needs of various customers and update them the latest issues in Asia. We also prepare different booklists in relation to Chinese culture for Chinese learners, researchers of Sinology and those who are interested in Chinese studies.

    In addition, on the website, we provide information about cultural events and special offers relating to our Chinese bookstores throughout North America. We aim to offer our readers the best reading experience. 

  • Logistics and Support

    Our advanced e-commerce platform provides customers an easy and secure online shopping experience. Our warehouse, which is located in Hong Kong, with a sophisticated logistics management and information system enable an efficient distribution of orders to the destination. 

  • Our Service

    North America - Including United States and Canada

    Other overseas regions